Suspension and Steering

CARCLIN1C2suspensOur main parts suppliers for suspension and steering items comes from companies providing tried and trusted parts of a very high standard.

We also have access to original parts, same as those supplied for manufacturers for production line assembly.

We are able to check, assess and replace any item of your suspension system.

You should know that faulty suspension and steering components can and will effect car control and breaking ability.

This can put you and your family at risk and will make you fail MOT test.

Here is some of works that we are able to do:


  • Air Suspension Repair
  • 4×4 Drive Repair
  • Control Arm repair
  • Rocker Arm & Shaft Replacement
  • Shock Absorber Replacement and Upgrade
  • Ball Joint Repair
  • McPherson Strut Repair
  • Spring upgrade and Replacement

  • Steering Column
  • Steering Linkage
  • Steering align adjustment
  • Power Steering Gear
  • Power Steering Pump