Computer Diagnostics

CARCLIN1C2COMPUTERWhen UK introduced new emission regulation in 1993 all U. K. specification vehicles operate a fuel injection system that is controlled by an Electronic Control Unit. (ECU).

ECU – is a unit / computer that control many sensors and processes throughout your vehicle.

These can include:

  • Engine management system
  • Injection system
  • Exhaust sensors
  • Safety features like ABS braking systems, Air Bag and Seat Belt restraints
  • Electric windows and Stereo systems.

From time to time these sensors, switches and control modules suffer faults.

These days your car mechanic has to be good in manual work and they also need to be well orientated in cars computerized systems.

Diagnostic scanner is required to locate the fault recorded within the ECU system.

Complex electronic structures require highly complicated diagnostic equipment with specific software and a trained operator who can diagnose and read the results of the ECU tests.

Some faults will be displayed on your dashboard but most of the problems can only be detected with a laptop connected to the electronic brain of your vehicle.

We are able to carryout diagnostic checks of most vehicles and retrieve information recorded as fault codes to assist the relative repair needed.