Pre-MOT Testing

CARCLIN1CMOTMOT inspection giving you sleepless nights? Then you are in the right place.

Here we would like to tell you about the key areas an MOT testing station will focus on during vehicle inspection.

Only a well prepared vehicle will have a chance of passing MOT test.

Remember, failing MOT for something as simple as a loose handbrake is going to cost you a re-test. It is worth gaining some knowledge of testing procedures to lower your chance of a failing.

Many of the tests of the MOT are very simple where faults can be rectified with no experience and for little or no money at all.

The following elements will be tested on MOT:

  • Tyres
  • Lights
  • Shock absorbers
  • Windscreen
  • Windscreen washer jets
  • Wiper blades
  • Mirrors
  • Bodywork
  • Seatbelts and seats
  • Emissions test
  • Exhaust
  • Petrol Cap
  • Horn
  • Number plates


You must remember that a tread depth can’t be less than 1.6mm. All tyres must have no cuts, cracks, bulges, splits or damage to the side walls and tread. Don’t forget to check your spare, it is not included in the MOT but if you have one it must be legal.

It’s worth remembering that two front tyres can be a different type and size to the rear, but they cannot be different if on the same axle.


List of lights to check:

  • Headlights for dipped/main beam,
  • Front and rear sidelights,
  • Stop lights,
  • Reversing lights,
  • Front and rear Fog lights (if you have them),
  • Indicator lights all around the vehicle.

All bulbs on the exterior should be fully functional. Each lens must have no cracks or damage. Any corrosion, damage or leeks to the reflectors may cost you failed test.

Shock absorbers

Key factor in this test is effectiveness. Shock absorbers must not have any leaks and difference in absorbing pressure.

You can check them yourself by bouncing each corner of the vehicle. The vehicle should go down with your press then rise back up to full height then back down a little. More than 2 bounces may indicate that your shock absorbers are faulty or worn out. If it feels too soft, you should have them checked out in our garage.


To avoid failing test you have to make sure that your windscreen has no cracks or chips bigger than 10mm in diameter. Driver’s visibility must not be disturbed by stickers or stains. Entire swept area must be clean of any of the above problems.

Windscreen washer jets

Before you attend to MOT test remember to check for windscreen washer jets blockages as they can also make you fail MOT test. They are usually caused by wax polish or dirt. It can be blown out with compressed air or a small needle or pin.

Wiper blades

Your windscreen wiper blades should curve with the shape of the windscreen, not lift away at the tips and clear the screen correctly. Grab the wiper blade and give it a tug to ensure it is secured to the wiper arm.


You must have at least two rear view mirrors fitted to your vehicle – one inside and one outside. Check rear view mirror and at least one door or wing mirror are both secure.


You must remember that bodywork must be in reasonable condition without any sharp edges which may injure pedestrians. Both bumpers must be secure with end caps in place. Access to the car must be available through all doors from both inside and out.

Seat belts and seats

For your own security it’s worth to check your seatbelts. They are very important to save your life and health during collision. It’s worth to check them even without MOT tests. Grab the belt firmly and pull them sharply, it should lock and prevent you from pulling further.

Seats must be firmly secured in place. Check for weakness by holding the top of the back-rest and make a rocking motion from side to side.

Emissions test

A well serviced engine nowadays should walk through the emissions test without a problem. Your vehicle will be tested for harmful emissions from the exhaust.

You can look for first symptoms of problem by pressing on accelerator on neutral gear. Spin your engine close to red field on your dial. For diesel engines, the main offender here is the fuel filter which when fouled causes the black smoke you sometimes see on the road. Replacing filter is simple operation so there is no excuse for smoke.

If you are not sure about your emissions level, visit our workshop and we will test it for you before you fail your test on MOT.

Changing the oil and the fuel / air and oil filters will help your engine to keep within the pass threshold on MOT test on both diesel and petrol engines.


Any unnatural noises from the exhaust may give you first indication that it’s worth to check it as quickly as it’s possible to avoid more expensive repair and penalty. Any holes, leaks will fail MOT test. It also must be secured and free of corrosion.

Petrol Cap

Petrol cap cannot be accidentally ignited from sources of ignition outside the vehicle. The cap must provide a proper seal to prevent vapours.


This is easiest thing to check for you. Blow your horn to make sure that it is working correctly and be loud enough to alert other road users.

Number plates

Number plates must be well secured, clearly visible with the characters evenly spaced.

Final word

Follow the tips from above and you should greatly increase your chances of passing the MOT.

If you are not sure that all tested elements work properly, contact us for a consultation.